Issue sending date converted to timestamp to Xano [Resolved]

I’m trying to update a record in Xano with a date selected by a user. The Xano field is a timestamp (originally a date field, but that’s technically a text record in Xano, so timestamp should be easier).

The problem is that using the timestamp function on the date input results in the timestamp of the current day, rather than the date input value.

I looked at this WeWeb community post, but it looks like “dob” field that with inputted date of June 4 was created in Xano as Oct. 12, the time created. It looks like there was not conversion there, either, just the timestamp of the current date.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Well spotted! :slight_smile:

The timestamp function returns only the current date as a timestamp.

To correct conversion is a formula with a bit of javascript:



That worked - thank you @dorilama !

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Just curious, how do you know the syntax we can use when it’s the hybrid of WeWeb nocode language and JS?

And follow up question, is there a library I can reference that isn’t included in the no code library that weweb offers?


This is just javascript, there is no special weweb language.
The nocode functions available it’s still javascript and they have the documentation in the editor.

Weweb has some conventions to follow for custom components with code and they are documented here
The internal library exposed by weweb it’s not really documented jet, at the moment you can find some reference in the developers doc.

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Why this bug has not been fixed yet? It doesn’t make sense to have a Timestamp function that converts to today only, I wasted a lot of time as well finding out this

Its not a bug

A new formula will be available in the next release of the Date Plugin named toTimestamp()

I’ve been using the workaround new Date().getTime() - this will still work right?

Yes, it will still work!