Issue Recognizing Selections in Multiselect Variable

I am having an issue where weweb doesn’t seem to be recognizing that I have made selections with a multiselect element.

Any ideas?

This is also happening on short answer text inputs. The variable value is not being conveyed properly to the formula for filtering, it seems.

Here is a loom with an explanation:

Hi @kyanaloe, thanks for this. Not sure what’s going on here. I’ll share with the devs and get back to you asap.

Hi again! It’s fixed :slight_smile:

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Just out of curiosity, are you able to share any more about what was going wrong?

Hi @kyanaloe, it’s an internal bug about how we handle variables.
We were loosing reactivity (the fact that the value auto-update) when we were dealing with element variable.
This is why value were correct in same places but not in others.
It is now fixed :slight_smile: