Multiselect Input Problem

I have a multiselect input dropdown that is bound to a collection “Instructions”.

Initial value of the multiselect input dropdown is an array variable (SelectedPost.Instructions)

I had a more complex workflow for the dropdown but to narrow down this problem now I only have one step (change the variable value with what’s in the “multiselect input - current selection”):

The problem I am facing is when I try to add a new one-time tag, and then I remove that tag, I start seeing duplicates of it in the drop down. How to stop the duplicates from happening?

I don’t want to save these tags into the database, I just need it for this particular instance, i don’t need it in the dropdown next time…

Are you adding new values to the options of the dropdown? It seems to me that you’re changing the list on the fly, no?

Hey Quentin!

Use case: I am trying to allow users to add their own one-time tags, or they can choose from a pre-defined list of tags.

So I have 5 pre-defined options for example, (the dropdown is binded to a collection with 5 items).

I have enabled “allow to create option” in the settings of this multiselect element.

If I use any of the 5 options, no problem.

However, when I try to add an option, and then remove it, that’s when I start seeing duplicates in the dropdown (when it should just disappear).

Hope this makes sense! :slight_smile:

When the input value is changed are you updating the variable list the input is bound to via a workflow?


To recap:

Multiselect input dropdown’s “initial value” is bound to an array variable “selectedPost.Instructions” (which is the selected list of tags).

Multiselect input dropdown’s “options” value is bound to a collection of pre-defined tags.

To answer your q:

There is also a workflow, on change of the multiselect dropdown element, change the variable value of “selectedPost.Instructions”.

So not sure what I am doing wrong…

can you try using a little javascript here. basically, you’d keep their input as an option BUT remove it from the currently selected items only.

// Access the global variables
const testOptions = [the variable that holds your options];
const testSelections = [this references the multiselects current selection variable];

// Create a new array to store the updated test options
const updatedTestOptions = [...testOptions];

// Iterate through test selections
testSelections.forEach(selection => {
  // Check if the selection is not in test options
  const isMissing = !testOptions.some(option => option.value === selection);

  // If the selection is missing, add it to the updated test options
  if (isMissing) {
    updatedTestOptions.push({ key: selection, value: selection });

// Return the updated test options
return updatedTestOptions;

Hey Jared! I tried doing that but the duplicate problem still exists.

Here’s how I added it into the workflow and what happens when I test it (cool beans 9 and cool beans 10 are not in the pre-defined tag collection):

to note, the code probably wont work as expected if your key names dont match mine.

in my object i use key names ‘key’ and ‘value’. both keys get the same value which is that objects option to be displayed to the user.

Hey Jared!

When you try to delete “add something” after adding it in (not clearing the whole thing, but just the new tag), do you see a duplicate in the dropdown? That’s the problem I am facing.

Could I have that first code you put in step 1 for “TEST selections”? I will try using that!

I’m assuming the code in step 2 is already above. :slight_smile: I will try to repeat your whole set up haha