Is this possible with web?

I have a SaaS that is a lodging management system for hotels and inns developed in django/python and I am starting to migrate it to WeWeb and Xano and I would like to know if it is possible to reproduce this map on WebWeb. I need to know before I start migrating it.

Hey @niquini :wave:

This seems doable with our calendar component. Otherwise, you could totally create this component yourself in our visual editor.


Btw, you could use your Django backend as a REST API with WeWeb instead of migrating everything on Xano if that’s easier for you.

interesting… I need to delve deeper into this. I’m not a programmer and I’m switching to no-code because I have a lot of difficulty finding devs here in my city. So I decided to migrate and take on this project myself, which needs improvements and is already running with several clients.