Hi, Sönke from Berlin, Germany

Hi there,

I am a Tech founder based in Berlin, Germany. Developed a SaaS Service for accountants with Xano and Bubble this year. Unfortunately API Calls from Bubble to Xano were so unbelievable slow that I was searching for a better Frontend Solution. And tata… I am superhappy to have found WeWeb which appears to be superfast for connecting to a nice Xano backend. :wink:

I also like the modern UI, looking forward to work with WeWeb!

All the best,


Hey @Soenke :wave:

Willkommen in unserer Gemeinschaft!

I used to live in Berlin and loved it. In which part of the city are you living?

Hi @Soenke,

Welcome on board!

Xano is my go-to backend when building WeWeb projects for the tutorials :grinning:

Can’t wait to see what you build with the combo!

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Indeed! Berlin is a great place to live (except in winter :sweat_smile::cold_face:) I used to live in Kreuzberg but then moved down to Lichterfelde which is nice and calm but still Berlin Style :wink:

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Haha yeah I feel you, Kreuzberg is sometimes too much.

I used to live in Prenzlauer Berg and loved it!

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Welcome to the community! Glad to have you over on the other side :nerd_face: