Is there some bug in the text fields?

Hello there,

I don’t know why but the text disappears when I go to “live” mode. It shows up fine in the editor mode.

Been trying to figure this out for hours, and text just disappears when I go to live mode. Is this some kind of bug? Help!

Editor mode:

live mode:

live mode, the header below disappears too:

UPDATE: The problem disappears when I change the missing text from “p” to “h4” under html tag. Not all paragraphs have this “disappearing” problem, though, some paragraphs still show up, so cant see the pattern of the bug?

P.S. Also would really appreciate any replies on the chat support. Maybe Weweb should hire someone to man the chat support?

Is that currently happening on all of your pages?

Seems like it. I tried to create a new page and it has the same problem as well.

To easily replicate this problem, drag the Landing page > Hero element onto the page… then just copy and paste some random text (or type it in) into the subheader… and it disappears.

Change the html tag from “p” to “h4”… and it appears again.

Not sure if it’s a bug or just something i messed up…

Could you report it on ? We’ll have a look at it asap.

In the meantime, I would suggest drag and dropping a new text element from the UI kit, rather than using the one from this section.