Disappearing Table Elements

I’m running into an issue where table elements are just disappearing after I set them up, this happens where I bind them to something or if I just use basic text.

Here is an example

(First two columns are the ones that keep disappearing.

Preview the page (Working)

Navigate away from the page and then back to it, the first two columns have completely disappeared.


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Can you give us a little bit more context, maybe record a short video showing us how each the text in each column is bound?

For example, if you bound the first two columns to a variable that requires the user to click on an item first to update the variable, it may be that when you navigate away from the page, that variable is not set properly.

Sure, let me put together a recording and I’ll send it over.

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For some reason this doesn’t appear to be happening anymore, even though I was able to replicate multiple times the other day. I’ll share if it pops back up.

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Ok great, thanks @patopt!