Anyone Else Getting the Undefined Element Bug?

When I’m working within the editor, sometimes I get a popup stating that I’m losing connection or something, and then some elements go missing. Not even the ones I edited last, but actually some that I’ve edited/added a lot of time ago.

Anyone else having such issue?

Again as I’m posting this

Ok we’re hunting for these types of elem undef!

Could you record a video when and open a bug ticket when this happens please?

Do you remember which element it happened on?

It happened on text element nested in a div, I couldnt delete them either, I had to delete the whole div. Lately I’m getting a lot of this Connection error, it’s slightly annoying :smiley: As for the video, I’ll try, it doesnt always happen.

Hi @Joyce !

I am also having the same issues. It was all working yesterday and today it just happened that one of my section is not working and showing “Elem Undef”. Here’s the video

Hi Rob @Broberto!
Just putting out here my same issue. By any chance, is that a bug or is that something that our side as builders did / has done?

Hi @denisedaley :wave:

Can you create a bug ticket here if you haven’t already?

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Yeap, I am getting the same thing. Thought I did something dumb last night. Luckily I came on here to look it up first before writing a new thread. Let me know if you need a video as well. Can’t quite recall which element it was though. Looking forward to the fix! :slight_smile:

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Yes please!

Basically, anytime this happens, we need a bug ticket with a video and as much info as possible on when/how it happened to help us look into the correct element and what may have cause the issue.

A simple way to solve the bug :

@Joyce might help many, as they can think that they would need to delete they entire div when the UNDEF appear ! and basicly becoming a minor bug instead of a frustating one !

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You can just click on the UNDEFINED ELEM. and just press Command + G or Ctrl + G to wrap it in a div.
Good idea though :slight_smile:

mmh nop i tried did’nt work if i remember