How would I go about building a query builder element like Airtable has?

Learning WeWeb as I have a bubble app that I’m looking to possibly switch over.

With my app, there are 50+ fields users can query against across a relational database. I had built these elements one by one to filter for in Bubble and it’s a pain in the butt to deal with. In bubble I would need to have a plugin built to have this sort of airtable like filtering.

I actually noticed in one of the WeWeb tutorial videos this query builder exists somewhere in the editor (maybe in the API section?).

Wasn’t sure if this was a native element I could build out in the editor for users to interact with but figured I’d ask away. It sounds like if not, then this could be built as a custom component? Just wanting to make sure I am understanding 100%

Do you own the data that users are querying on (as in, you have access to the DB) where user data is stored?

Yes I do

Hi, its part of the editor UI, you can see it when you bind an array or a collection and click on the filter button showing up under the formula input, you can also see it on the pagination/filter/sort step of your collections.

You couldn’t drag&drop it, its not a weweb element. But yes, you can recreate it in nocode and use your variables to bind it to the filters in the weweb editor.