End user ability to create custom filters on their own data

Hi everyone,

I’m not even sure this is technically feasible, but I’ve given users the ability to build an API request for their own data via a 3rd party.

What I’m curious about is whether or not it is possible for users to then build filters on the API response (for example sum of ‘x’ object in the JSON, or (‘a’ - ‘b’) in the JSON.

This screenshot is just trying to visualize that a user will have their own REST response and would like to be able to make their own filters or do math on that info.


I would like to know too, I asked a similar question

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Yes of course, you can build your own interface and bind your variables to the REST API collection queries configuration, so the request will change depending of what your users selected in your interface. And you can apply filters on data depending of your users interactions too.

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Makes sense, but the REST API is coming dynamically based on the users configuration, this is not data that I have in a database. In other words, I dont have a predefined API that I can bind to variables.

You can bind a dynamic url into the REST API collection configuration, but you can even use a REST API workflow action if the collection layer doesn’t work for your usecase.