How to update all UI kit elements after a change?

Hello WeWeb community!

Is there a way to update all instances of a UI kit (i.e a button) after changing the kit design?
It’s very handy to style components before we start building, but what do you do when you want to update the designs?

Seems a bit odd to update every instance, defeats the purpose of having the design kits?


  • Maarten, Aziri

At the moment, you’ll need to drag and drop the element again.

But we’ll soon release a Webflow-like class system to apply styles to multiple elements, and in a few months, we’ll release a brand new way to design reusable components that are all instances of the same component, so, sharing the same styles and behavior automatically.

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Can’t wait to see this!!!

Looking forward to these new features will really speed up the build process too much.