How to host a static file in the web app public/.well-known/ directory

Hi WeWeb community. For Apple, since we have an iOS app, we need to host a json file that must be served at <domain>/.well-known/apple-app-site-association for Apple’s verification.

We see how to upload a file within WW editor, but the placement is not where we need it to be. In the context of our regular web app, we just drop the static txt file directly into the web app public/.well-known/ directory. And anything in public/ is exposed by the webserver directly.

Since we’re wanting to move our marketing website into WeWeb, can someone help us understand how to position the file within public/.well-known directory?


Hi @forgelab, unfortunately, it’s not possible for now
We have a feature idea that will enable this but it’s not in the roadmap yet

We finally added it to the roadmap, it should be in production during next week (at best)