How to fix hreflang redirects

Hi everyone, our site content is fully translated into three languages (en/fr/de) and Google is not identifying these different variations.

The problem is I don’t know how and where to indicate alternate pages to point users to the most appropriate version of our page by language.

If we don’t have a sitemap, how to add hreflang attributes to each page header on WeWeb? (HTML tags)


Hi @nora,

Are you using the built-in WeWeb multi-language options or using a using a third-party tool to translate your pages?

Also, may I ask how noticed that Google is not identifying these variations? Are you testing with browsers that have a different default language or using a VPN to simulate being in a different country or just searching in a different language in the same browser?

I’m using the built-in WeWeb multi-language options :slight_smile:

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Ok cool, thanks!

And how about your method of testing? Did you search in Google with browsers that had a different default language and/or with a VPN that placed the person in a different location?

I saw the error on Semrush!

Would including a sitemap in our WeWeb domain solve the problem? :slight_smile: