How do I support another language like French?

I can see there is a change language workflow, but only “en” is supported.

If I want to support another language like French, what is the best way?

In your project parameter you can add language to your project.

You will need to add language to every page in the page setting of each page

@stagiaire Thank you. I have done that, and it is all working fine after enabling the language. So should this automatically change the language on the page?

Now for every text you have, you will have to fill the “en” and the “fr” text. Displayed text will change with page language.

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Amazing. Thank you :slight_smile: @stagiaire

@stagiaire How about for radio buttons> Doesn’t look like WeWeb support

Doesn’t seem to work with radio button… you might have to bind choices to something or remove text and add some kind of repeatable text next to the radio button. You can find workaround, but
@weweb-team might have better solutions.

Do you use the option to add a slug in the URL? The change language action doesn’t load the page for the new language URL