How to export raw files?

I’m trying to download the raw project files (which from my understanding is a Vue.js project).
On my deployed application, I only have the button to “Download project files” and not the “Download raw project files” button mentioned here : Hosting & Code Export | WeWeb documentation and here : Is it possible to edit the exported Vue.js code from WeWeb?

Hi @QuentinF :wave:

That’s weird! If you have a yearly plan on the project, you should have access to both file downloads. Could you create a support ticket here if you haven’t already so that we can investigate further?


I can’t create a ticket, the interface is broken :

Ok, can you send me a link to your project in a private message?

Sorry, I cant find how to send you a private message …

There is a bug in your dashboard.

Presence of the button is checking for this.projectFeatures.exportRawProject but the backend returns exportProjectRaw