How do I display blank values?

How do I display a blank value?
As shown in the attached image, when a collection does not have a value I like to display something like ‘\n’ or ’ ', etc but these get transformed into ’ ’ when saved.

Try to put ‘&nbsp’ if you need an empty space. Weweb’s preview might display strange thing, but the end result is a single space.


I used to handle this setting the white-space css property on the text:
But now with the last update is not working anymore.

@aurelie it looks like the property is set correctly on the parent div but the p element has a style white-space: initial;. I think it wasn’t like that before as I was able to correctly apply the style. Any reason why it’s hard coded now?

I think this is because we add an option to handle text ellipsis, which is now handling this css option.
If the ellipsis option is not enough, I can try to fix this and not forced the value to initial.