Error in editor when clicking collection property

I’m trying to add a property value from a collection into a text field within my page. However, after selecting the property name, I appear to be seeing an error TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'insertText'). Is this because I’m attempting to do this in the wrong manner?

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this is apparently a bug on our side (see the dropdown not displaying correctly at the top of the popup).
Thanks for reaching out, we will fix it.
Do you always have the popup with the bug or is it appearing only sometimes?

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thanks a bunch @aurelie . i was testing this further yesterday and narrowed it down to the following:

  1. if i click within an existing text field and attempt to add a property value within the field (alongside other pre-existing text), the ‘formula’ field doesn’t appear and i receive this error;

  2. if i click on an existing text field (but not within … thereby replacing all text inside the field with just the property value), the formula field appears in popup and the property can be selected without any error.

hopefully that helps you reproduce! thanks again. very impressed by all your team has built.

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