How can I set date to null

I have a date picker field which I’d like to set to null/empty at the click of a button.
However, the field also can have an initial value from a collection.

If the date picker starts with an ‘init value’ when I click the clear button nothing happens.
When I start with a empty/null value, pick a date and then click the clear button it works as expected.

I’ve already went over

which helps when the init values don’t come from a collection, but doesn’t help when the init value comes from a collection.

How can I clear a date picker value after it already has a value from a collection?

How do you set an empty/null value> I guess you set the workflow to reset it? Try setting to change variable value and leave the value to null

Instead of binding to the collection directly bind to a variable and assign the collection value to the variable. Then you can clear the variable value to clear the input.