New Date Picker - Set Initial value text

Is it possible to set the initial text of the date picker? By default, if you do not set a date, it reads “New Text” and I cannot find the place to change this.

The date picker is great, but in my UI, not entirely intuitive that a user needs to click on it to set it. So, I need to include text that says “Click here to set date”

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 11.10.57 PM

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Hi @kevinwasie :wave:

Yes! You’ll need to go on the Text element in the Navigator:

Note that I bound the text in my example above but you can also double click on the text in the button when the Text element is selected in the Navigator :slight_smile:

@joyce Hmm… That is not an option in my IDE. I’ve tried logging out of WeWeb, and logging back in. But, I don’t have the text option.

Ah yes, definitely not intuitive!

You first need to change the init value of the date picker to display the Text and get the text - en option in the settings.

Here’s a short video.

I’ll add your feedback to our user research so the tech team can determine if we can improve the UX.