Hi there, Wes from the USA (Indianapolis) here

Hi all, Wes from the USA here. I realize I’ve never properly introduced myself, but I’ve been lucky to chat with a few awesome folks already @kevinwasie, @dorilama, @Slavo, Cedric, and the WeWeb team.

:information_source: About Me

  • I’ve been hooked on “no-code” tools since building my first project with Wordpress, Airtable, Zapier, and Typeform back in 2017
  • My background has been wearing multiple hats (marketing, growth, operations, HR, finance ops) at early-stage startups. Most recently, I was full-time in a BizOps role for another no-code front-end (Stacker)
  • Last year, I started doing consulting work with Airtable, Integromat/Make, Zapier, and various Airtable front-ends. I went full-time earlier this year, but the Airtable ecosystem’s limits always bugged me.
  • When I discovered Xano and WeWeb, it felt like anything was possible. I feel like the combination is finally a no-code toolset that bridges the previous gap between “playful no-code tools” and “scalable web apps”. I loved the fact that both tools don’t want to be all-in-one as I’d rather optimize for the best front-end tool and the best back-end tool separately.

:earth_americas: Location

  • I’ve been in Indianapolis (USA) since the pandemic, but I’m moving to Mexico City next month.
  • Previously, I lived in Medellin (Colombia) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Hay algunos hispanohablantes acá?

:rocket: Goals

  • Short-term: I want to get better at Xano and WeWeb myself as I’m working through my first client project with the toolset. I’m really excited to get this project live and get a case study out there.
  • I’d love to grow my business, Rarely Decaf by focusing in on serving problems well-addressed by Xano + WeWeb.

I personally think there’s massive opportunity in this space, and I’m excited to be here at what feels like the ground floor of the movement!

Twitter, LinkedIn


It’s so great to have you on board @caffeinatedwes! :grinning:

How long did you live in Colombia and Argentina?! Both are on my bucket list! Would love to hear recommendations for living there for 2-4 months.

Back to no-code: thanks for asking the hard questions (like how to think about state management)! Those are topics we sometimes forget to talk about but really want to make accessible to a larger number of people.

Love your goals! Can’t wait to see you achieve them :grinning::raised_hands:

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I was in Argentina for 5 months back in 2017 and Colombia for just under a year total between 2018 and the start of the pandemic in 2020.

Recs really depend on what you like! Regarding Colombia, I really love Medellin and would recommend staying there. If you’d live there for 2-4 months, I’d recommend staying in the Laureles neighborhood over the Poblado neighborhood. It’s slightly less touristy and a little less nomad-y, which is nice if you’re spending more time there. There’s still a ton of awesome restaurants and coworking spaces, and 2-3 coworking spots that are nice. Definitely spend some time outside the city, too—the country feels magical.

I feel like Buenos Aires was long ago, but I have some recs there, too. Send a message if you find yourself in either place!

My pleasure! I feel like a lot of dev/technical education has to be rethought right now, and you all are doing a great job so far!


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What a wonderful introduction, thanks a lot Wes! We are super happy to count you among our users and to have you as an active community member.

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We’ve already talked on Twitter, but it’s so cool to see you here man!

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Hello, Wes. Nice to meet you. I am a WeWeb & Xano user as well.

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