Hi, I'm Bildaps and I bild aps!

I also ask a lot of questions :question: and make a lot of good recomendations :exclamation:

Here’s one :arrow_right: this long rich text input field needs a bilt in spell checker :abcd: , but that’s one for Discourse of corse.

Now, back to bilding aps :building_construction:

Pye :wave:

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Hey there, welcome on board! Haha love your use of emojis and yes, a spell checker would be good :smile:

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Do you have a portfolio of apps you have built using Weweb? Do you use Xano at all for this?

Hi @joeywebdrvn, I’ve been testing WeWeb with Supabase for a while and it’s been good, I’ve built sites with vanilla html/css/js + frameworks before, and apps with other low-code builders including Power Apps. I’m familiar with Xano, but chose to start with Supabase this time. How about you? Do you also bild aps? :smile:

I just started using Xano + Weweb. I used to build websites (Python/Django, PHP, ASP.net) years ago, but moved into ads management. I can talk the website game, but have not done it in years. Just stumbled across Xano and other nocode/locode solutions. I was blown away by how “powerful” they were and how much can be done/built w/o actual coding. I have used Zapier for several years and just found pipedream.com as well. Very cool!

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