Hi! Francesc here, from Barcelona, Spain

Hi everybody. My name is Francesc and I’m actually based in Tarragona (100km south Barcelona) in Spain.

I’m currently working as ITC Specialist at Doctors Without Borders, and Co-Founder of a no-code agency, so far specialised in Bubble, but now I’m exploring WeWeb myself as an alternative.

I want to start creating weweb content in Spanish, as have not found much, and get in contact with French community, as I see lots of movements in that language, which I speak as well


Hey @Francesc :wave:

So cool to see :es:-speaking people on the community!

We were in Barcelona 2 weeks ago with @Joyce and the :fr: no-code community and loved the city :sun_with_face:

Would love to help you creating some content in Spanish as we don’t have the manpower to do this ourselves. Feel free to DM me if I can help in any way!