Hello, I'm Dewayne- Songwriter/Producer with Frontend experience

Hello. I have been with WeWeb for about a month. I’m really loving the application. I spent many years on WordPress adding plugins and buying their subscriptions whenever I needed specific functionality. It’s so cool that I can use WeWeb’s no code powers to build a custom app exactly for my needs and not make do with what Third-party plugins provide.

So far, I’ve spent time learning what WeWeb can do by going through tutorials that I can use to build core features that will allow me to invite other music creatives to join my company’s song projects. I got some good stuff brewing and I can’t wait to pull it all together.

I live in Valdosta, Georgia. A small city 15 minutes north of the Florida line and 3.5 hours south of Atlanta. I’m looking forward to connecting with the community.


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Hi Dewayne :wave:

We’re super happy to have you onboard!

If there are any tutorials you’d like us to put together, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

I’m excited to see what you build with WeWeb :grinning:


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Hi, Joyce! Thank you. Yes, I was definitely keep WeWeb posted on my progress.

Hey @talentbender :wave:

Welcome aboard!

Very cool to see you here :wink:

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Thanks, Quentin! I appreciate all the tutorials you guys make.


Thanks man! I hope my :fr: accent isn’t an issue though :stuck_out_tongue: