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Hello WeWeb Community!

I’m looking forward to learning about WeWeb. I’m actually a relatively new Bubble-user(Only about 5 months now but I’ve been deep diving on it for some personal projects for my business and making deecent progress). However, I managed to hear about WeWeb through another developer and Honestly I’m surprised I never heard about WeWeb, and I really still haven’t find much about it so I’m assuming it’s still maturing, but based on the direction of the editor and the values you bring, it looks very interesting and honestly a brighter and more future proof solution than Bubble.

There’s a few projects that are in my companies scope…and trust me I know it would be a lot to take on.

To name a few…

A POS system(but not necessarily for the US market) Think something similar to Square. But geared towards specific special industries, such as restaurants, dry cleaning, etc (these are just examples, and i know there’s an abundance of restaurant POS systems)

A Dashboard type business management system for tracking costs, expense, etc, internal accounting, plaid integration, chat communications, etc.

An e-commerce site.

I’ve always thought of bubble as a MVP type solution, once I pass a certain threshold of users and site usage, i’d need to consider jumping ship. (Thought I understand there’s quite a few successful bubble fully production sites out there)

WeWeb on the otherhand, looks to be a long-term solution…

If anyone has any thoughts on the pros of WeWeb vs Bubble, i’d love to be enlightened, as there’s not too many example showcase sites out there other than the ones on the showcase page.

From what i’ve gathered so far,

WeWeb can do SinglePage app, so there’s no page-loading, and is both mobile and desktop friendly.

It can potentially??? Support offline-mode? (If this is true, this would be quite a one-up over Bubble)

In bubble the possibilities are quite large and relatively accessible, however, a lot of the solution tend to feel a bit like a workaround, but at the same time the community and plugins is quite bountiful. One example is Global local variables from element to sub element or page to sub-page is actually a tad bit cumbersome to deal with in Bubble. Syncing states across multiple elements and keeping everything updated is a bit odd.

So once i heard of WeWeb, I’m both worried about needing to abandon my work at Bubble, but also excited at the possibilities.

Post got way longer than I expected, but would love to hear more from the community about the limitations or advantages of WeWeb vs Bubble.

On a side note…I’d suggest WeWeb somehow be pushed on Social Media more. Perhaps make the agency plan more accessible, and enticing for people to jump ship and create content on youtube, because there’s pretty much only content from WeWeb on youtube. I look forward to it’s growth.

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Welcome Alan, nice to see you here as well.
I can say it’s very easy to get started with weweb, and you’ll find out most of your problems are easily solved with weweb.
Give it a go :slight_smile:

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thanks for posting here! WeWeb does not support offline and we do not plan to support it in the short term as this has not be requested very often by our users.

Agree with @dorilama, the best way to figure out if this is the right tool for you is to give it a try! We also have a brand new Academy (https://academy.weweb.io/) that should help you get up to speed quicker.


Haha, Hi @dorilama, you certainly get around.

Yeah, seems like the best way to know is to get testing.

Thanks all