Guide for Supabase Auth + Stripe Checkout

Is there any good guide for setting up Supabase to work well with Stripe Checkout on WeWeb?

The flow I’m looking to do is:

  1. User Signs up with Supabase Auth
  2. User selects a plan (base or premium) and uses Stripe Checkout to complete the subscription purchase
  3. User Role is updated to match the subscription level the user purchased.

Thanks in advance!

Hey did you figure this out? I’m just starting to explore this myself.

You’ll need to setup a webhook in stripe to forward information to supabase on subscription.created/updated/cancelled.

Since supabase doesnt have ‘endpoints’ like Xano, you’ll need an edge function to handle that. From there you can use the supabase javascript commands such as supabase.update() etc.

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