Stripe & subscription payments best practices

Has anyone successfully implemented Stripe subscription payments to their web app? Bonus points for Supabase backend implementations too. I

saw you can embed the Stripe plugin within your app, but do people typically do this for payment processing? I feel like I’ve usually seen subscription websites redirect to the payment processor (e.g., Stripe, Square) via a sub-domain within those processors that displays the company logo of the service you’re purchasing, which would make users feel more secure that their payment is being processed securely, vs just punching credit card details into my website. For Stripe, the checkout domain I’ve seen is and then some string specific to your app.

Thanks all!

On the frontend, redirect a user to stripe payment page.

In stripe, setup a webhook for the transaction you are looking for (usually subscription.created or payment.successful or similar)

In backend of your choice, setup an endpoint that will listen for updates from this stripe webhook. Look for best practices for securing your webhook (using the webhook secret stripe provides).

In supabase you’ll likely need to use an edge function with javascript, there are examples in supabase’s github I believe and on youtube.

Havent tried yet, but you should be able to process the payment information directly in your frontend or redirect to stripe to handle the UI.