Google Maps Component wishlist

Dove into the maps component recently, and I was surprised how easy and powerful it was. Here is my simple page showing organizations.

When you tap on a marker, it filters a list below to show their current exhibit. I do have a few requests:


Can the text bubble turn off when you select another marker? This looks messy really quick, and turning each one off after reading is just fussy. Also, about half the time the first bubble has incorrect padding, not the end of the world but not polished. Maybe I just need to turn off the bubble for now.


An option to toggle two finger scroll requirement. This may be good practice on mobile web, but I think it feels more like an app without the requirement. If you leave margin or set height to 60vh etc there will be no scrolling problem (right?). Found this answer:

A blue dot for current location in addition to the dataset. Could probably solve if we could bind multiple datasets. Would like to zoom too, which is doable already.


Marker color/size, or even the new Advanced Markers with text and images:

Highlight pin that corresponds with top item in a list, update on tap next or scroll to next. Like Eater map view:

Thank you!