Just want to ask about Map Element Features

I am trying to build a web app where it uses Airtable Data that connects to a Map, where I can see bunch of location or markers generated from Airtable that I configured on a map.

The question - First, does the map element have features or I could possibly display a multiple data (like basic information of a person or appointment) when clicking the marker? Second, does it have a features or ways that I could implement a filter for markers that displayed on a Map? For example you can filter by assigned users by clicking the name or filter by cities, it could be a button or text. Lastly, I am not sure if the map has group pin on markers.

Any help from you guys would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @Chan :wave:

Yes, you can setup custom markers to display whatever data you want when the user clicks on them.

For example if you clicked on a button that said “Texas”, only markers in Texas would remain on the map? Yes, that’s possible.

What do you mean by this? Could you share an example of a map you’d like to be able to reproduce in WeWeb?

Hello @Joyce

I really appreciate your response and thank you. Below is my response.

I actually tried that one using the data pulled from Airtable Database. But unfortunately I wasn’t able to get/show multiple data that I wanted, only the names that I could get. Please see the image below.

That’s great news. I actually want to implement that but when I tried I couldn’t see that option or features on map configuration. Can you please give me a relevant documentation or any similar samples that I could look for?

like this - Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Hi @Joyce

Just wondering if you have a chance to review my replies about those features. Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!