Prevent google map from switching to tilt view on zoom

Using the google maps plugin, when you zoom in at some threshold it switches from a top-down image to tilted image in Satellite mode. Around zoom level 19. Is there anyway from preventing this? I want a top-down satellite image at all times. The tilted images are out of date compared to the satellite.

Mmmm… I don’t think so. It looks like a known Google Maps limitation :confused:

Thanks Joyce, but that may be out of date.

This link shows that setTilt(0) parameter can disable the behavior. I have no idea how the plugin was built, but I assume it’s similar to the default zoom parameter and just needs to be exposed in WeWeb to use?

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Ah! Ok! @Alexis, any thoughts on this?

We should probably expose the map the same way we did for mapbox so people can trigger everything they need (map methods).

I will create a ticket :slight_smile:


Where to support this ticket? I want to handle the map! =)