Getting image slider working with Xano image records

Hello, I have a Xano end-point that returns image records (using the image field type in Xano). I tried taking the whole object into a collection and just an array of the image URLs.

I was hoping to bind it to am image slider. The slider knows there are 3 pictures when I bind it to the array, but is doesn’t resolve to the actual images. I think I’m missing something in the syntax or that this use case is not supported.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

you need to bind an array of urls. From your screenshot looks like you want the data property of your “images” collection.

You also need to update the image inside the slider and bind the value of the image to the current

Thanks Dorilama, so I fixed the binding, but I’m not sure where in the slider element to reference I don’t see anything like those option/value fields that are used in the multi-select dropdown.

inside the slider element there should be an image element, there you can bind the image source to the url from the items of the slider.

If you don’t find it try adding a new slider.

Thanks Dorilama - with the new slider, I see the image element. All fixed.


Great! :slight_smile: