Filtering Issues

I am having two issues with Filtering a static collection list:

I would like to filter a list of events by the state that the host organization is in. The data looks like event item > org item > org state. The static collection filter option only goes to the second level {org item}. Is there a way to access deeper levels? I could add the state to the event directly when created, but would rather have the data in one place.

The second issue is more design-related. I would like to have a sticky section at the top with filters. When you are further down the list and want to filter, the page becomes shorter and you lose your place. One solution may be to return to the top of the section when the filter is clicked. Is there a no-code or javascript method to do this? It would need to be part of a no-code workflow. The best solution would actually maintain your position relative to the list, but this may be too difficult for now. Here is a loom video explainer:

Thank you!

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on the first issue. You should be able to access the org state if it is not empty, you will get its object key then.

second issue, I think you should set a min height when the list is too short. Then you will still be able to have the sticky section on top

I @foliodc , for your point 1, this is indeed not possible at the moment. This is a known limitation, and having deep filters is currently on our roadmap.

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