What's Recommend Method For Setting Focus On Elements?

This is the process that I’m using currently, but it does not set the focus on page/modal load.

  1. Add a custom HTML attribute of ID to get something like
    <input type="text" id="txtFirstName" name="something"/>
    in the rendered html
  2. Add a Workflow for On Click for the source element like the field label with custom JavaScript to be this

Now when you click on the field label, the input has focus.

What is the recommended method to do this?

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You can add the id to the weweb input element as well. No need for custom html for adding an id.

The problem is that when document.getElementById("txtFirstName").focus(); executes the input element probably does not exist in the dom yet.
Some options are:

  • add a delay before the focus (quick solution but not the best)
  • use MutationObserver to observe when the input is actually in the dom

you can try this:

  • add my-input as id of the modal section
  • add modal-input as id to the input inside the modal
  • in the workflow where you need to focus the input of the modal add a js action with this code:
const observer = new MutationObserver(function (mutationsList, ob) {
	mutationsList.forEach(function (mutation) {
		mutation.addedNodes.forEach(function (addedNode) {
			if (addedNode.tagName) {
				const el = addedNode.querySelector("#modal-input");
				if (el) {

const el = document.querySelector("#modal-input");
if (el) {
} else {
	const modal = document.querySelector("#my-modal");
	observer.observe(modal, { subtree: true, childList: true });