Filter a Collection List Bug

I believe I have found a bug in the filter function for a collection list or I am fundamentally understanding something wrong in the application of the filter here. If one of the OR conditions is not applicable, it renders the initial condition (or condition group) as not applicable.

I want to make it so that my list starts as ‘nothing’ or fully filtered out. If I enable conditions, then the items will display in the list.

I start with a condition that I know will never be true.

When I add an OR condition it works.

However, when that condition is turned off, either manually or through binding, the collection list turns off ALL filters, not just that individual condition group.

sorry to not have notice you, but this bug has been logged on our side, and the fix is currently under QA. We will notice you here when it’s done

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Thank you for the response! Looking forward to the fix.


We published a fix for your bug :slight_smile: