Filter component

Hi Everyone :slight_smile:
I am exploring the possibility of WeWeb and I am looking to build a page with filters similar to the one you use for your SUPER INTRESTING accademy page! WeWeb: Build Your Website With Our Powerful Website Builder

Can someone help me with that?

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Hi Luis! Thanks for asking! Glad you’re enjoying the academy page :slight_smile:

We’ll be adding a bunch of new videos in the next two weeks. I’ve added your request to the list of tutorials I need to record!

In the meantime, here are a few screenshots that might help you figure it out :slight_smile:

We have:

Does that help?

Hi Joice,
Thank you for your help. I am having issue on he filtering and I am not sure how to assign a value to a button in order to say that when an element is selected should show some elements and hide some others.
Could you maybe help me on that?


Hey @Luis :wave:

Here’s how we’ve done the Academy page.

Hope this helps!