Examples of live WeWeb apps for social networking or with fast server response times?

Hi all! I recently launched my company’s MVP with WeWeb/Xano, and after some heavy testing + user feedback we will need to add a lot more features for our next phase of the product.

Our next product release will function closely to a social network, and I’m concerned about our WeWeb app’s server response times in order to meet user expectations. (In our last launch, users already mentioned that the app felt pretty slow and clunky).

At this point, I am leaning towards going native/code, and just eating the extra time/costs instead of launching with WeWeb/Xano again. But, I’m also hoping there’s anyone who can share examples that would change my mind about switching :slight_smile: (this may be a question more for the WeWeb team, but if anyone from the community is willing to share their work please DM me if you wouldn’t like to post publicly)

Weweb can be fast, but u gotta build for speed, ux makes a big part also, like, a few loaders can do magic. 75% of your app’s speed is backend and good practices with data fetching and layout on the frontend, the other 25% is stuff like, no-code bloating the code, or some externalities.