Collection loading in editor but not in published app


I’m having an issue where the version of my app in the editor is working as expected, but when I publish the same app, the behaviour is different.

In the editor version the collection info is being loaded as expected however in the published version its not. The video shows the issue and setup in detail.

Any advice would be apprecited if I’m doing something wrong here.

Side note: the editor also has some performance issues which are clearly visible in the video.

Thanks, Dom

Are you using multiple Xano data sources? (like live and test)

You can see if you’ve got a different data source configured for production VS editor in the Xano add-on data source settings (in WeWeb).

Thanks for the suggestion @gbeaudoin but everything is set to live. WeWeb support came back to me and said they think it might be an issue with the parameters and they are looking into it. They suggested to use a workflow instead of link to and set a variable to the parameter first and use that instead rather than accessing directly.

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Actually, I’ve found a solution that works - use “var” > “From Path in Current Page” variable instead of “Context” > “Query” > “wwParam-XXX”.

Use this:

Instead of this:

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