Dynamic page / popup always getting the same element


I’m having a little problem with filtering dynamic collections based on variables : When I try to display the values from the filtered element, I am always returned the same element, even if I can cleary see the variable change.

I followed this tutorial step by step and I’m using Airtable and I don’t believe I missed anything.

I tried two things
1 - Creating a dynamic page based on a filtered collection (like in the video)
2- Display the clicked element’s data in a popup.

Here’s an example with a muted video about the problem with a popup : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

In both instances I always get the same element from the collection, repeatedly, even if the variable is clearly changing. It is as tho the filtering is not applied at the moment of the click?..

Thank you in advance for your help

Update, after I recorded the video I noticed that I had bound the text to the wrong collection and corrected it. But the problem persists. It’s been two days I’ve been trying to make it work.

Found my solution! Added “Fetch collection” at the end of the workflow and it works.

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Hi @theophilenz, well done on finding the solution!
And thank you for taking the time to share it here :slight_smile: