Does Zano auth only work on the Scale pricing Tier?

I am currently on the Free tier.
I am about a week in, tinkering with WeWeb and about 2 months in with Xano.

Last night I was configuring Xano Auth and needed to add roles configuration.
But roles in WeWeb are only in the Scale plan.

If I upgrade to Starter will this be a problem?

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Hi @BrettL, advanced roles and permissions are indeed on the Scale plan.

You can still use the Xano Auth plugin for authentication with the Starter plan.

Merci Joyce

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and this way can i protect pages on starter?

If you are loading data dynamically, I think you can make a precondition in xano for “user.role = member”. Probably best to include in a workflow on page load, so you can send people to a signup page if error.

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