Documentation on "Import users feature" when migrating Login from an existing app with email and passwords

Hello the community,

I’m new on WeWeb and quite impressed what I’ve succeeded to build in such a short time. WeWeb product is excellent. Keep on going.

I would like to set up a WeWeb login and progressively import users keeping the link with my old database and application.
I am looking for the csv template needed to import users and potentially their passwords? Is there a specific hash method used before importing passwords etc.
Or should we import emails and do we need to reset all users passwords? Isn’t there a smoother transition?

Thanks for your help!

Hey, which authentication plugin are you using?

Hi Quentin,
I used Weweb auth. I finally found out how it was working. I imported the csv and it displays smoothly the different columns I can select to set up a user. Finally all good, we succeeded in setting up the login.

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