DNS set up for the domain and sendgrid

Hi Team,

I’ve recently set up my domain on weweb but had a few hiccups that I am uncertain where to ask for help. I am not an expert in the DNS set-up and

Firstly, the website doesn’t load without adding www. in front of it. E.g. https://example.com doesn’t load, but https://www.example.com does.

Secondly, when adding sendgrid CNAME records to the DNS provider ( I use google domains) , these records are never found. I appreciate that the issue could be with the google domains and I might be barking up the wrong tree here, but seriously unsure where to look. :frowning:

Hi @TrendiMike :wave:

For your first point, you can redirect your naked domain to www. with your provider. Here’s an article that might help you do it with Google Domains.

For your Sendgrid CNAME, maybe this [article in Sendgrid’s user doc](How to set up domain authentication | Twilio can guide you through the process.

Hope that helps! Good luck!

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