Anyone else having issues adding domain to their projects?

Just checking if it is just my project or if anyone else is having trouble adding domains to their projects.

Still waiting on @weweb-team support to respond back, but checking with wider community if others are in the same boat.

Hi @hsatl did you have an answer? If not, could you send me the link of your project in our chat?

Hello @Mael I also have a problem with adding a domain.

My domain is purchased from local company.

When I try to add this domain as manual says, I cannot use “www”, it gives an error, but! I am able to add it without “www”, what i’ve tried.

the fun fact that error disappear when I remove .com so - works but doesn’t!!!

AND after adding a domain “” and setting up CNAMEs in domain admin it doesnt work ( i assume because no www) and here is error:

Can you please help me to add a domain, i want to release my first app to public.

It should be fixed, tell me if it’s working for you :slight_smile:

Hi Mael! Thanks for the update - I was able to add domain and set up DNS

but after 12 hiurs site is not available yet and status says “pending”
I will wait till tomorrow but as I understand if it will be pending then something went wrong

Hello Anna,

I saw that your domain is online. Glad everything is finally working. Sorry for the delay of the answer

thank you very much! yes it works, it took some time.