Display issues with production version

Hi !
I have several display issues with the live version:

-There is a bug with the date picker and time picker popup. It’s displayed the first time but not the following ones. I changed “hover” to “on click” but it didn’t change anything.

-I created a state for the current Tab button with different background and text color with a formula. Everything is fine in test version but not in live version…

-I changed the date format to HH:m but I’m still got the 12H fromat

  • On the time picker’s popup there is the current date and I can’t disable it. Not very intuitive for the user…

Hi @AdrienB,
here are some answers

  1. We are aware of the bug on the datepicker. A bugfix is already on the way, currently in QA
  2. The state style not applying is also a reported bug we are already working on, and it is caused by the prerendering. For a quick fix, you can go with the non prerender option
  3. For the 12H for time, this is a current limitation of the date picker library we are using. Its is also already on dev on our part, as we are moving to a better date picker library to fix several issues at once.

Hope i was able to help you, we will let you know when all these fixes will be in production

Thank you for all your answers @aurelie. Where can I found the non prerender option?

Probably the option to disable pre-rendering in the publish dialog

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Thank you @gbeaudoin