Developing custom Plugins?

I saw there is an option, we have the Partner plan, but it says to contact WeWeb, is there any info? I could reverse engineer your plugins from github)

Hi @Broberto :wave:

Just to clarify, you’d like to develop custom components for the future marketplace or native integrations with other tools like Dropbox, Hubspot, etc.?

Heyyy, actually, I’d like to try playing around with plugins. In the dashboard if you go to where you upload custom conponents and sections, there is also plugins tab, and it says to contact weweb.

Edit: I’m talking about this

Got it!

Well… it’s technically possible but we reserve it to a very small number of partners for now for three main reasons:

  1. our dev docs are limited on the topic so the dev experience is not great
  2. due to a technical limitation, you’ll need support from someone on the team to make it happen and depending on the roadmap, we can’t always handle requests
  3. we will be revamping the dev experience in the coming months so what you build now may break in the near future :confused:

In addition, you won’t be able to develop a data source or auth plugin.

Bottom line is: if you want to dev a plugin for fun but you don’t have a strong specific need for a project, we recommend you wait until we’ve improved the developer experience because it’s not great for now and requires work on our side.

But if you have a specific need you’d like to discuss for which you need to dev a plugin, feel free to send me a DM with more info about the project so I can ask the team about possible next steps.

I see, honestly I just wanted to play with it a little, I was thinking of creating a plugin for keyboard keystrokes and combos, or for gestures using hammer.js, or something similar, but yeah, just for fun and learning. I guess I’ll wait for the docs to come out, for the team’s and my own sanity haha

Thanks for very informative reply Joyce.


For the use case that you have in mind a plugin is probably not the best choice: while it adds functionality globally it doesn’t expose triggers for workflows like an element (to the best of my knowledge). The workaround could be to set the id of a global workflow to trigger, but it’s not great.
On the other hand if you create an element you have both workflow triggers and actions, and you should be able to better do what you have in mind. The downside is that you need to have the element in the page (ideally a container), but is also a nice thing because you can manage multiple events coming from multiple sources.

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I’m doing this via some JS already in the editor, but would be nice to have something plug’n play.

For the use case that you have in mind a plugin is probably not the best choice: while it adds functionality globally it doesn’t expose triggers for workflows like an element (to the best of my knowledge).

Its exactly what I’m pushing for internally (plugin triggers), so it could be, in the future.

But for the shortcut case I think the best would be to have a dedicated UI to manage them in WeWeb, it need to be a native feature. Its better WeWeb manage them to avoid conflict with our own shortcut.

But for me, plugin triggers is a must have and we will probably implement them by the end of the year. I was thinking about it to allow people to react to supabase realtime updates for example. But the scope of this feature is really huge and have many more cases.


Indeed, for now you can do this only in code and with the current old Supabase SDK, you can listen to only one channel. With the v2 update of Supabase SDK and these triggers, it could get pretty powerful.

This sounds dope! I’d love to up my game from vanilla js plugins on bubble to Vue based components and plugins here on weweb

Hopefully can start playing with these features soon!

You can already do components/sections, there is also some docs and videos for this) You just need a higher workspace plan. I and some devs from our company already did like 3-4 custom components. Can’t wait for better docs though

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Indeed having the preview in the editor is both great and a curse :sweat_smile:

Plugin triggers would be a game-changer for working with something like CommandBar. It seems like there is a lot of significant updates coming potentially before years end …

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If it is has JS library you can use it even now with some little code.

Understood- (CommandBar does) - but having the ability to rapidly iterate & experiment with no-code is exponentially faster than “a little code” for every action on a large scale project.

You can bind it to nocode functions / workflows with parameters and reuse it.

Hmmm … interesting! I need to attempt this.