Custom form builder - binding data to Xano

I need help with how my data is mapped to form controls.
I’m trying to add the ability for users to create their own custom questions in my app.
It should have the typical options, (short text, long text, dropdown, boolean, multiple choice and checkbox options).

Here is the default setup where the label is conditionally formatted until a question is added.

When I try binding the form controls to my Xano data, I lose the ability to make changes to a question.
The label doesn’t update to match the custom question, nor does the question type change to reflect the dropdown selection.


Before I bound the form controls to the item data, I was able to reference the element’s variable as per below. The conditions would work for this but I want to add a list of questions, so this isn’t suitable.

When the controls were bound to the item data, the conditions stopped working and making any changes to the element wouldn’t update the dataset.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

Did you figure this out?