Custom domain Auth0 and Weweb

Hello there,

Do you have a more step by step instruction on setting up Auth0 with custom domain with Weweb? Right now my weweb is using the custom domain but Auth0 is not. They are considered 3rd party site and some information is not passing through correctly. What do I need to setup in auth0 and where do I pick up the domain and token necessary from auth0 for weweb plugin.

Right now, I’ve setup custom domain for auth0 and verified. Not sure what next. The auth0 management api seems to be only using the non-custom domain with auth0. Do I need to setup another API there and how?

I’ve created my M2M, my SPA. But they can only be setup to the Auth0 Management API. That’s the API with the non custom domain that can be connect to weweb plugin. When I setup a custom API with the custom domain, I couldn’t connect weweb to that API. There isn’t a access token to copy and paste into weweb plugin. I end up have to use the original non custom domain Auth0 Management API.

Please advise.

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Hi @william,

You might need to add “Allowed URL callbacks” with your custom domain in the Single Page Application that was created in Auth0 when you setup the plugin:

By default, when you add the Auth0 plugin, it creates the SPA with URLs from the WeWeb editor (so you can test inside the editor) and weweb-preview website (so you can test on a published website before adding a custom domain):

Does that help?

If not, would you mind recording a loom to walk us through your setup in WeWeb and Auth0?

Yes, I’ve added this already for my final domain. Still the same. I don’t have any software for recording, any recommandation?

The problem is, I am not sure how to use my custom domain API. Weweb doesn’t seems to allow it. I can only use the Auth0 Management API with the Token copied from API Explorer. API Explorer only exist under Auth0 Management API and not any created Custom API. It seems for Custom API, my app need to send a POST to auth0 and request the token. Unlike API Explorer from Auth0 Management API, I can copy and paste it into the Weweb plugins,

Hi @william,

Loom is good and has a great free plan :slight_smile:

Hi Joyce,

I sent you a private message with my video. I prefer not to sure my video public.

Also I tried adding all my URL in the callback and saved. Still not working. I found out that in about 5 minutes, all those call back URL I added is gone. It revert back to only the weweb URL.

Please advise.

Thank you.


Any update on this topic?

Thank you

Hi @william, no update. The tech team is looking into it.

We might ask you to add one of us as an Admin Tenant member in Auth0 if we can’t find a bug on the WeWeb side.

I’ll keep you posted.

Hi again William,

Can you please add Damien to your Auth0 Tenant to help us investigate this further?

Thank you!

Hello Joyce,

Ok. let me add Damien. Please becareful. My site should be launched by my client already yesterday. Make sure not to take any step that may affect the process to the sign up and login to the site.

Thank you, William. Noted :ok_hand:

Thank you Joyce and Damien.

The fix is live. We’ve simplified the UX at the same time so you can test it on your side.

All you have to do is add your custom domain in the Auth0 plugin settings (nothing to do on the Auth0 side) and republish your project:

Let us know if it works for you. If not, we’ll have to roll-back and investigate further.

This look awesome. Let me give it a try.

Joyce and Damien,

I can assure you, you guys are AWESOME. This update to the plugins work SUPER. It is great. I re-published my site and it is working under all the condition I tested so far.

Awesome Update. Awesome Weweb team.

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That’s great news! Thanks for letting us know @william :raised_hands:

And thanks @Damien for pulling this off so quickly :wink: