Setup Auth0 with Airtable


When I add in Auth0, how do I sync this up with the database to add custom user fields etc? For example in airtable

I guess I can send to a API/Webhook with the Rest API module and a function. But still wondering about user fields.

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Hi Chris, so sorry for the late reply! I missed the notification on this one :grimacing:

The team is actually working on an updated version of the plugin to make all this WeWeb/Auth0/Airtable integration easier.

I’ll be recording video tutorials to help you with this later this week :slight_smile:

Stay tuned and again, apologies for the late reply :pray:

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That’s ok Joyce :slight_smile:

I look forward to those tutorials

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Hi Chris!

Here’s the tutorial I was telling you about: TUTORIAL – Add authentication and gate content with Auth0

Let us know if it helps!