Conditional rendering with weweb

Hi is there a way to do conditional rendering in weweb? Since weweb uses vue and it is particularly easy with vue v-if, or is it not that simple? Is there a way to do it? Also if it is possible, where do I get and put the value for the data for the conditionals?

Hi, sure! You can bind the display and use the condition you want. :slight_smile:

Is there another way aside from conditional display? Since it is not entirely conditional rendering. I don’t want someone to inspect and it is full off hidden divs that he can just play around and unhide it all.

Not at this moment, we have technical limitations preventing us to use v-if on element. Prerendering and component variables are two constraint we have right now but we are discussing about the possibility to provide a special v-if element for advanced case. But it’s not planned for anytime soon.


Thank you for your answer, yes I hope weweb eventually improves the architecture and turn into component based designs, for better scaleability and extensibility for users

It’s the exact thing on our medium-term roadmap @khairul :wink:

Making Weweb fully component-based using inheritence, and letting you sell your components on a marketplace.

We think it’ll be live Q1 next year :slight_smile:


You all got me really excited, this is groundbreaking. I think there are several things can be hugely improved but your roadmap for now makes much sense. go weweb :muscle: