ETA for conditional display?

I’ve seen the conditional display video, but can’t find the functionality in the editor. If its already launched, where do I find it, and if not launched, anyone know the ETA to live in production?

It’s in the settings tab of the element, the last option.


Adding onto @dorilama, there’s a couple ways to do conditional display. See the attached screenshots. Both are based on true/false values so just make sure your condition returns a true/false.

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Thanks! Much appreciated!

Keep in mind that the first solution is equivalent to a display: none in CSS, when the second option doesn’t render the element at all.

Use the second option if your element is dynamic or big, as not rendering it will give your app better performances.

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That is good to know—thank you for clarifying!

I have 2 sections whose data are bound to the exact same Collection. I want to display one of them on phone, and the other on Desktop and tablet. If I use the first method to hide one based on context, will I suffer a performance hit? I’m guessing no because both sections call exactly the same Xano API via a weweb Collection?

You’ll have a performance issue if the collection is big, not because of API calls, but because you’ll still render both sections internally.

By using conditional rendering instead, you’ll solve this issue (you can totally do it based on breakpoints)

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Is there ever a time when you would want to use conditional display instead of conditional rendering? I can’t seem to find any best practices of when to use each approach - I understand that with conditional rendering you need to build the element in the DOM but after testing, I don’t see any difference in performance (i.e. there is never a delay in rendering that element vs conditional display, though perhaps there would be for heavier elements with lots of images…).

We’ve been using conditional rendering exclusivity because it’s nice to always know where to look for the visibility conditions in the WeWeb editor, and it helps with performance in theory.

Would love any thoughts!