[Components] Critically breaking bug (ELEM UNDEF) - with examples to (not) reproduce

Hello, I’ve already opened an issue, but I can’t edit it to add more context, so I’m also posting this here, as a disclaimer and for the WeWeb team to be able to see this.

A little bit of context first, I’ve been working for like past two evenings on a table component and I needed to add something inside of it, at the root level. I wasn’t able to copy-paste it inside, so the idea was, to group it into a wrapper div, and paste the stuff inside.

When wrapping the main root element of a component into a div via the WeWeb editor shortcut Command + G, the following happens:

I’ll wait for the answer from the team about whether they can save my component or not, (I’ve already attempted a rollback of the editor, but it seems like the rollbacks don’t apply to components). I don’t have many hopes tho, but it would be great, if several hours of my work weren’t wasted. @aurelie :pray:

Edit: The first component I encountered the bug with just is “Element Undefined” and after restoring, I can’t do anything with it, as already shown in the video.

Edit 2: Neither backups (it seems like they don’t do anything at all) neither safe mode seems to let me fix this myself. So, the backups don’t work. The rollback editor doesn’t roll back any changes.

Anyway, watch out for this :slight_smile:

thanks for reporting this bug, we will disable the feature (grouping on the root element) while we investigate to put it back.
In the meantime the support should go back to you to restore your element, please do not delete it this will make their work easier.

Someone already solved the issue, thanks. I also reported rollbacks not working, which is imo a pretty big deal as well.