Community UI improvement suggestion to WeWeb

Hi WeWeb team!
I’m using community all the time and I want to suggest improvement which will make me less confused:)

As user I expect that avatar near the post is the author’s avatar, and when I see avatars of WeWeb team I would expect that are their posts that I should not miss. It’s typical behaviour for all community portals…

If we have Big image with avatar of post’s author and small one overlayed with the last person that answered that would be awesome.
I hope other community members will support this concept.


I agree to Anna. I assume Anna want something like I attached. (It’s Bubble forum, not so bad).

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I think they both use discourse for the forum.

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Great suggestion @Anna.fae! I’ll pass it along to our designer.

We’re planning a revamp of the community to help you find the information you need faster and make it a little more pleasant to roam around.

Feel free to suggests other improvements in this thread.

I actually like discourse because it keeps track very well of the topic you are interested in.
The list view has all the information you need at a glance.
The rich text editor is great.

On desktop you qctually have the interface that Anna is looking for.

I tried communities built with lighter alternatives and the experience was much lower on both the display of the important informations of the discussions and the text editor.

Ah yes, in the Latest tab. Just made it the default when you arrive on the community so you get a nice clean list of recent topics. Thanks for pointing that out @dorilama!

We might change the Categories template to display the avatar of the author instead of the latest person who reply. What do you think @Anna.fae, would you find that helpful?

My concern is that people might not see as easily that someone has replied but we could give it a try!